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To improve advertiser visibility and candidate attraction possibilities, has successfully partnered with the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (also known as the “CIPP”) by powering the CIPP’s own “Jobs in Payroll” jobsite enabling users and advertisers to reach a larger payroll and HR audience than ever before.

Vickie Graham, Associate Director of Marketing at the CIPP said: “payrolljobsboard to provide our members, and the wider payroll profession, with a dedicated facility to search for payroll jobs.  The newly designed site is welcomed by the CIPP to improve the experience of searching and applying for roles within the industry.”

Previous clients include NGAHR, Selfridges, iiPay, Arqiva, Dow Jones, Fourth Hospitality, Halfords, L’Oreal, Xero, Harrods, Clarks, James Gray Associates and Moorepay to name just a few.

The new site offers increased functionality that will help candidates to search payroll vacancies, register for jobs by email and undertake the process of applying to roles easier than ever before.  With its fresh look and feel, the new site provides users with the opportunity to navigate and apply for a variety of payroll & HR vacancies with ease.  Delivering a fully responsive experience, the revamped website will provide users with a seamless transition from desktop to mobile browsing, and intelligently pulls the latest payroll and HR jobs for users to present applications for quickly and easily.

The new design will also result in a smoother, more intuitive experience for advertisers wishing to utilise the power of the job board to attract relevant payroll and HR candidates to its vacancies. The new site sees everything rehoused in one central space and offers a simple to follow, automated vacancy posting process that will provide users with the ability to browse jobs based on location, job title or salary.  Advertisers will also be better able to personalise job vacancy listings with videos, logos and links to promote branding and increase job seeker engagement from the outset of the application process.

“We know that advertising jobs on generalist job boards often results in unsuitable applications that cost businesses hours in lost time, energy and money.  The new site has been designed specifically to improve the quality of submission advertisers will receive by marrying skilled payroll & HR jobseekers to vacancies advertised on the site.  This is why we are so excited about the launch of our new site as all of our investment is centred on attracting only the best payroll & HR candidates to relevant job roles.  The new site will help job seekers to find relevant payroll, and HR vacancies with ease and clients will be able to place adverts directly onto the site by following our newly simplified and intuitive job posting process.  The new site is an integral part of our continued marketing strategy.  We love the new look and feel of the site and hope our users and advertisers will too!” says Nick Day, Managing Director of

Chris Hall, Marketing Executive at, said: “The new website has been something of a labour of love, and represents the culmination of an enormous amount of work on the part of both the marketing and sales teams that work tirelessly to deliver what has become the UK’s leading payroll and HR job board.  As we strive to improve every aspect of our online presence, we hope the new site will demonstrate our commitment to delivering an excellent user experience to both job seekers and advertisers alike!”

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7 Skills To Enhance Your Payroll Career

Payroll is a competitive field, and taking steps to progress your career can be highly beneficial.

With a higher level of skill or experience, you can stand out from the crowd and show recruiters that you have that little bit extra to offer. Here are 7 Payroll skills /tips you might want to consider that can help you gain that all-important payroll promotion!

1.     Getting a Recognised Payroll Qualification

Working on getting a qualification in Payroll will show managers and recruiters that you are committed to your field and that you know your stuff. The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) offer diplomas in payroll that may be of interest, and there are also payroll BTEC Diplomas on offer at all levels from other reputable providers such as The Learn Centre.  Another opportunity might be to consider studying for the MSc (Master of Science) in Business & Payroll Management currently offered by the University of Derby (run in conjunction with the CIPP). This qualification is arguably the pinnacle qualification available within the payroll industry and completing it epitomises someone who is committed to achieving excellence within the profession. You can also study for a Foundation Degree in Payroll Management endorsed by Worcester University (also run in conjunction with the CIPP). Undertaking such studies will show you to be serious about your career, and will also provide you with detailed knowledge that other candidates simply may not have. Many companies now insist upon a qualification so achieving one could also be your first step in the door to new, progressive career opportunities.

From October 2017, the CIPP announced that payroll professionals can now achieve individual chartered status within the payroll industry. To become recognised as a Chartered member there are strict criteria, but if successful, you can gain recognition within the industry as a being a payroll professional committed to delivering best practice.

2.     Commit to Payroll Training

If gaining a qualification within the industry is a commitment too far for you at this stage of your career, perhaps due to professional or personal obligations then the next best option is to consider upskilling yourself by undertaking some specialist payroll training courses. There are many out there offered by some exceptional and highly experienced providers. For example, if you want to progress your International payroll skills then there are few better places to start than with one of the many International payroll courses offered by Global Payroll Association (GPA). In addition to the GPA, exceptional training courses covering all aspects of UK payroll and compliance are also provided by The Learn Centre, the CIPP and Pitman Training.

3.     Gain Team Management / Supervisory Experience

Supervisory experience can help you advance your career as it shows you know how to manage and lead a team. The ability to lead, motivate, train and develop a payroll team is a critical skill that will show recruiters or hiring managers that you can deliver a successful payroll operation, prioritise tasks and demonstrate composure and sounds management skills within a busy and stressful working environment. However, gaining this experience can sometimes be a bit of a “chicken and egg” problem. Often, to secure a management or supervisory role previous experience in leading teams will be required so it can be a skill that is hard to gain. One step you could take to surmount this problem might be letting your boss know you would be happy to stand in for him/her as needed, offering your support where possible to train and mentor new members of staff or by volunteering your experience wherever possible to gain supervisory exposure. By finding ways to increase your exposure to supervising others, you can quickly FastTrack your payroll career to an official supervisory or management role in the future. Take responsibility, develop transferable leadership skills and progress your career.

4.     Develop your Payroll Profile & Network

Networking is an excellent skill to have and could lead to you meeting influential professionals that could help progress your career. One way of achieving this is by proactively joining relevant networking or peer groups. Some fantastic events include the GPAUK PAYROLL SUMMIT 2018 provided by the GPA; the Future Focused Payroll Conference 2018 offered by The Learn Centre or the Payroll Annual Conference & Exhibition hosted by the CIPP.

However, you can also enhance your social presence too! Consider developing a professional LinkedIn profile which can showcase your payroll skills. LinkedIn is a professional social platform that allows you to join, partake, debate and share in relevant industry related payroll groups and is a great way to build your network within the payroll industry with relevant payroll industry leaders. Within LinkedIn, you also can increase your knowledge by asking questions regarding systems, legislation or processes and within minutes expect industry experts to help and respond. You may be reading this article on LinkedIn – in which case you are already ahead of the curve! Keep up the good work! Why not increase your own network today by joining mine? I have 9K+ payroll connections worldwide! Send me an invite at [email protected]

5.     Gain Software Implementation Experience

A payroll software implementation is a relatively common activity that occurs within a Payroll environment. Payroll systems are continually evolving to keep up with either the latest payroll legislation or the most recent software advancement.  Showing you have this type of experience could help you stand out from the crowd in an interview situation, particularly if a business is considering a system change or an upgrade project in the near future! In payroll there is a vast variety of systems in use, so as well as gaining implementation experience, it is advisable to try and get experience in as many of these as possible as many positions will require knowledge of a specific system for you to be considered. If you are already highly experienced payroll and you are reading this, then you might say “once you have used a few, they are all pretty much the same, and I could pick up any even if I don’t have experience”. This may be true, and as an experienced recruiter, this is one of the hardest objections to overcome. The reality is, in a candidate-driven market, employers can be specific about what they want, and even if you possess the skills to pick up a new system, many hiring managers will not give you a chance in a new role unless you already have the experience! So, if you get an opportunity to increase your system implementation skills or to learn a new payroll software package – take it!

6.     Gain International Payroll Experience

Getting experience in processing payrolls beyond the shores of the UK will broaden the scope of your experience and open up new and exciting career opportunities for you. Payroll in the UK is not the same as Payroll in other countries. We also work in a global landscape now with many International businesses basing their headquarters here in the UK, it means that more and more roles (particularly senior ones) now require experience of EMEA, APAC, LATAM, NA or other Global territories. EMEA refers to Europe, Middle East and Africa, which is a common grouping of regions for Payroll (and other) business purposes. APAC applies to Asia-pacific areas, NA to North America and Canada and LATAM relates to Latin America. If you can work in a place where you can gain experience of International payrolls, then it will allow you to apply for more jobs that require such specialist expertise. This knowledge could also take your career into a whole new and exciting direction. It might even lead to the opportunity to work abroad

Want to learn more about Global Payroll without training? Check out the free global payroll publication offered by the Global Payroll Association. Download the latest magazine here:

7.     Gain Payroll Change Experience

As with any other function in the business, Payroll is frequently exposed to change, brought about by technology advancement or changes in the business environment, among others. For example, having experienced a situation where Payroll moved from weekly to monthly, you may be well placed to help other teams that want to do this take the best approach to it – and this type of experience has the potential to make you a strong candidate for Payroll positions that are up for grabs. Assisting with implementing changes to a payroll operation that are required for compliance requirement (such as RTI or Auto Enrolment) shows that you are capable of handling complex tasks and can deliver against a project timescale. Hiring managers are always looking for candidates that are willing to go the ‘extra mile’ that can demonstrate a willingness to improve processes, deliver cost savings and that will advance customer/employee satisfaction. Payroll plays a fundamental role in all of these areas so if you can demonstrate your commitment to process improvement related tasks; it just might be the difference that secures you your next advancement.

Adding more strings to your bow will be very helpful in moving your Payroll Career forward. Why not look at the options today and sign up for a bit of personal development? You never know where it could take your payroll career.

As always, whether you love payroll or love HR, love what you do, work smart and work hard – just be careful not to overdo it. 😊

Payroll Will Always Need People

I have worked in the payroll industry for over 14 years. In recruitment, I get to work with payroll people who have a range of skills, dealing with ever more complex processes, getting to grips with ever-changing legislation and government interventions.


During this time the systems I have seen used have changed considerably. Who, reading this still remembers the days of Kalamazoo clock card software or Unipay payroll software developed by Peterborough Software?

Fast forward over a decade, and we are now living in a world of ERP, SAAS and Cloud based offerings. Dedicated payroll systems have transformed into multi-faceted packages that can support entire shared services functions.

Let’s face it – machines are on the march!

In my view, any occupation that involves logical thinking and meticulous organisation is now at risk of being automated by machine learning algorithms and sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI).

It is true that much of the payroll process can be automated, but with all the required checks, balances and legislation involved in ensuring its compliance and accuracy, I still believe that businesses need a human payroll team at its core.

How much more of the industry can still be given over to our future robot overlords? The main reason that people come to work is to get their salary at the end of the month – can we risk the “computer saying no” when we live in a world of debt and credit, and we have mortgages to pay?

Payroll is a delicate, niche and highly skilled industry where compassion meets computers. Yes, on the face of it, there is nothing overtly complicated about calculating the required figures if you know what you are doing, but for every twenty standard cases, there is one who is non-standard. Every single payroll department is different and comes with its unique complexities. Can systems truly grasp the individual nature of each payroll operation? The reasons might vary, but often it is only a human discussion and an agreed compromise that can resolve the issues.

Last time I looked, computers weren’t so good at compromising.

Also, I’m not sure how happy I would be if I knew that I had to take two hours off work one morning to find out the “automated payroll system” has docked me a morning’s pay? I might have agreed with my manager that I would make up the time at home, and may have even copied in the payroll team. With a human payroll professional at the end of the phone, I can rest assured that my pay won’t be affected. Relying on an automated system would make this almost impossible. How expensive is it then for businesses to correct automated systematic errors?

If artificial intelligence is allowed to take over, tracking the different income streams of an increasingly flexible and remote workforce would require a significant amount of human effort direct from the direct managers in question. Having a payroll team takes the hassle away from them, and managers know that all issues and enquiries can be fired in their general direction.
For me, this is the key point – remunerating someone for a job well done still involves a considerable amount of judgement. Has the work been done, how much has been done and should it be rewarded as agreed? No computer can make these calls. For a payroll team, that is their professional “bread and butter”.

I am all for AI allowing people the time to add the “human” value in processes, but you can never remove the human element entirely. Everyone talks about automated trucks, but I would imagine that there will be experienced truckers behind a video screen somewhere, watching out for hidden dangers. Maybe payroll activity will change more to assessing productivity and crunching the data of the organisation, but the human element will always be there in the background.

I’m not sure that everyone will agree with me. Some see such discussions as humanity hanging onto the coat-tails of inevitable technological progress, but for me, when it comes to rewarding people for their ever more sophisticated efforts, I’m not sure that we can put the machines in total control (especially considering how easy it might be to hack them).

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