Payroll Professionals Finally Recognised With Industry-Specific Job Board! #PJBJobs

With the great resignation in full swing and reports stating that competition for talent is at an all-time high, a job board aimed specifically at the payroll profession has relaunched to ease the burden on payroll departments currently at breaking point due to a lack of resource options.

During the recent pandemic, payroll professionals were categorised as “Key Workers” as the industry worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the UK paid.

Often a forgotten profession, the pandemic brought the payroll industry into the spotlight as new payroll legislation was thrust upon them in the form of Furlough payments and CJRS claims.

Covid-19 lockdown measures accelerated a change in perspective towards payroll. Payroll professionals were rightly praised and recognised for their tireless commitment to keeping the UK paid against a backdrop of constant furlough legislative change that pushed payroll departments to breaking point.

With over 11.7 million employee jobs put through the scheme at the cost of £70 billion, the influence the payroll community had in keeping the UK economy stable during this crisis was unprecedented. Moreover, the impact the payroll industry had in maintaining economic equilibrium achieved global recognition when the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, publicly thanked the efforts of payroll practitioners “for playing your part in what has been an extraordinary effort”.

However, as the strategic importance of payroll becomes valued by businesses, the war for top payroll talent has become fiercely competitive in response. 2022 saw an explosion of new payroll career pathways open within the industry. A recent study by a leading Payroll Recruitment Firm, JGA Recruitment Group, has identified over sixty payroll-specific career pathways. However, an alarming shortage of skilled payroll talent remains to fill the vacancies created.

JGA Recruitment Group‘s Managing Director, Nick Day, recently stated:

I have worked in payroll recruitment for over 20 years, yet I have never seen the market this competitive for top payroll talent. Unfortunately, it is in short supply, and as a result, the market is moving rapidly, causing salaries in the sector to increase exponentially as brands compete for payroll talent.”

Well, the payroll industry has responded as a payroll industry-specific job board called is relaunched to support the needs of the industry. Working in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals, the site provides a platform for brands to advertise their most urgent payroll vacancies to an industry-specific payroll community of skilled payroll job seekers ready for their next move.

With several UK brands already using the platform, the site offers the opportunity for candidates to search for payroll-specific vacancies in any payroll pathway and across all UK locations so that companies can access the support they need keep their employees paid. Marketing Manager Aaron Herkanaidu said of the site:

“We know that advertising jobs on generalist job boards often results in unsuitable applications, which can cost businesses hours in lost time, errors, energy and money. However, payroll is a vital function in all businesses, and so we recognise at that our task is to support clients by improving the quality of payroll applications advertisers receive. We achieve this by keeping the site extremely niche, by partnering with experts like the CIPP and most importantly, by aligning skilled payroll job seekers to the most relevant payroll vacancies advertised on the site.” is an automated platform that makes it easier than ever for employers to post vacancies and locate top payroll talent that they hope will ease the stresses that overworked payroll teams are currently bearing.

Companies can advertise for as little as £100+ Vat and candidates can start searching and applying for jobs immediately. Currently, are running a promotion that provides 15% off all advert packages for clients who use the discount code ‘PRESS15’ at the checkout.

Your new payroll career starts right here, right now! #PJBJobs

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